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Worship for Sunday, April 9th, 2023 10:00AM  in the Sanctuary.

“Is this the fast that I choose?” “Who will you listen to?” “How do we begin again?” “Will you give me a drink?” “Who sinned?” “Can these bones live?” “Where are you headed?” “Will you wash my feet?” “Why have you forsaken me?”  These nine questions have guided us on our Lenten journey.  And this Easter morning, they bring us to the culminating question: “Who are you looking for?” All this time, we have been seeking:  seeking answers, seeking guidance, seeking Jesus.  But the responses we get depend very much on what—or who—we are looking for.  In every question, a picture of Jesus has been forming in your mind. Who is he to you?  What is he capable of?  What does he want?  The way you feel about that determines greatly how you hear his response.

All are invited to enter into the Easter story from the gospel of John. We’re invited, as always, to bring our questions, our fears, and our doubts. We hope you also bring your unbridled joy that He is Risen!  Hope to see you in church, Rev. Amie

At the start of every Sunday morning service we say - Whoever you are and wherever you are on life’s journey you are welcome here. You are a child of God and precious in God’s sight.


This sense of welcome is at the core of everything we believe and hold dear.


We don’t know what brought you to our website today. Maybe you are curious about Pilgrim Church and want to check it out. Maybe you are searching for a community where you fit in. Maybe you are hoping to find a place where you can ask questions and find your own faith path. Maybe you are you are looking for a new spiritual home.

Please join us on Sunday mornings at 10am in person, or you may watch online by 2pm on Sunday. 

Welcome to PCC.


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When you join our church we think of it like a covenant, an agreement. We all make promises. Learn more about what we promise our community.

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