2020: A Summer for New Vision

This summer our sermons will all focus on the lessons we are learning in this time of adversity. No one really learns in time of ease, but sadly, it takes true adversity to teach us the most precious pieces of wisdom in our lives. The Bible was written about people whose faith was founded  originally in the midst of a time of true adversity, journey through a literal wilderness. But for most of us it is the wilderness trips we take that open doors to new understanding about life and faith. This summer our sermons will focus on the lessons of this pandemic. I will be talking about how to find real community, how to shape a more just society, and how to imagine the future.

Challenges like this pandemic offer vision and hope if you look closely enough. Every wilderness experience opens our eyes to new questions, new insights and new hope for the future.

June - Community - When the world stood still in mid-March we engaged n a community effort to contain our common enemy the Coronavirus, COVID 19. We have learned a lot about what it means to be part of a community. In this time of social distancing neighbors have become friends. Strangers have showed great generosity. People have been risen to new heights of compassion. in June our sermons will examine the lessons we are learning about real community. 

June 7- Visions and Dreams We imagine we want to be left alone but human beings are social, and this coronavirus has taught us how much we need one another. Acts 2: 1-15 Let’s look at the story of Pentecost through the lens of the coronavirus.  

June 14  What Makes a Community?   - The first churches were places where people really shared their lives, their assets, their hopes. Eating together, their children grew up together and when they were afraid of persecution, they huddled together. Acts 4:32-37  in the face of Roman persecution these communities created families out of friends. People found strength to carry on. 

June 21  A Community’s Grief  - Ezekiel

God  called Ezekiel to be a prophet in one of the hardest times in Israel’s history. The people had lost their land, their temple and  risked losing their very identity. The prophet demonstrated how to be a community by seeing their losses and grieving them. It is not easy to think about some of the losses we have endured as a nation this year. But there is a sense of release and even hope when we talk about them.  

June 28  Making Sense of This   Together  - Job  

We will examine the age-old question of Why do bad things happen to good people? That question is the one Job wrestles with, and the one we have to ask in this moment in history. How do we make sense of a pandemic?

Where is God in this moment? 

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