A Happy Birthday

Last week at our Annual Meeting Debbie Larsson made a report on the Sunday School and the After School Programs. When the After School Program started in fall 2017 we had one child enrolled. One year later in the fall of 2018 we  had 19 students registered in the After School Program. Debbie hired two new teachers, part-time assistants, Josh and Pam. 

When she made her report at the Annual Meeting the first question came from Ray Hecht who asked “What do you need by way of support.” It was a stunning vote of confidence and support we all heard it with gratitude. 

This Thanksgiving weekend we will be celebrating the birthday of Ray Hecht, who turns 100 years young on Friday November 23, 2018. Ray has endeared himself with his support for the children’s programs in our church, but he has also become a favorite of many members with his perennial twinkle and indomitable sense of humor. 

His love for the church combines with his sense of urgency about the imperative we have to reach out to new people, especially young families in our community.  Ray is one of the most committed people I know  when it comes to Church growth. He has always been a cheerleader for our Sunday School and a strong advocate for establishing a children’s choir. His clear vision for the future of Pilgrim Church has been an inspiration to many of us. 

As I left the building this week I heard singing in the classrooms below my office. Curious, I went down to find the Kid’s Choir Director, Cara Scinto, working with a group of children in the After School to learn the music for the upcoming Christmas Pageant. It is an example of how Debbie and Cara are working together to invite more children to participate in our Christmas Pageant on December 16th. 

Thank you, Ray, for your vision for our church. We hope you know how much we celebrate your presence here. Happy Birthday. 

Rev. Susan

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