A Sense of Adventure

Class Sign up is in progress. You can sign up by calling the church office or on Sunday morning sign up in the hallway by Monbleau Hall.

Classes start on Sunday September 8. Remember your choices -

Emerging Christianity - a fascinating look at the changes in the Church - Taught by Doug Wheeler

Wind of the Spirit - Faith Basics course on doubt, faith, hope and God.

Taught by Peggy O’Connor

Making a Home for Faith - How to share your faith with your kids and grandkids.

Taught by Susan Cartmell

Waves of Faith

As I have been traveling around the parish and talking to people I have been asking folks about the new Sunday schedule which will begin this week. I have been heartened by the things I have heard. Here are some samples:

One man in a nursing home talked to me about the Sunday schedule yesterday. He said, “You know at first I was not sure about these changes. My initial response was, ‘What do they want to go changing that for?’ Then I thought more about it and if you never try new things you cannot know if they will work.”

One woman in the hallway said, “How can I help? I think this is a great thing and we need a little shaking up around here.”

One couple said, “Now we can enroll in a class at a convenient time and I think we will be coming more often.”

One man in Coffee Hour told me, “People keep worrying about how to get new families; we cannot expect to grow if we just do the same things and complain that there is no growth.”

One woman in the church office said laughing, “I like this idea. I think it’s exciting. We could use a little shaking up.”

One lady on Sunday said almost with glee, “So much is changing around here, I don’t dare miss a week. You never know what is coming next.”

I don’t have any formulas for the churches I serve. I have learned a lot from my experiences serving as the minister in other places, but every church is a new adventure. When the Deacons started to talk about this idea last spring I knew it would shake us all up a bit. But I hoped it might appeal to new families. What I did not anticipate is how adventurous you all are as a congregation. What I could not foresee is how change creates excitement for everyone. I did not anticipate that George Wailgum and Susan Langway would champion these changes when they served as liturgists the last two weeks. It was delightful to hear their thought processes as we begin this transition.

Mostly I am pleased at your willingness to experiment, to follow your Deacons and to try something new. It made me smile to think that someone did not dare stay home on Sunday for fear something new would happen. If I were devious, I might have planned it that way, but I didn’t.

However, I do hope to see you on Sunday.

Rev. Susan

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