A Time for Blossoming

Maybe it was the rainy spring, or maybe I have just started to notice things more clearly, but this late spring plumage on flowering bushes and in the gardens has been quite lovely. The rhododendrons are magnificent all week. The azaleas are in good form, and some of the perennials are out-doing themselves.

These blossoms are all the more dear to us for the way they make us wait for them, here on Cape Cod. Flowers that are already a mere memory in the Mid- Atlantic states are reaching their zenith here, now.

it is hard to see these flowers without being moved by a sense of awe, and reverence. It is hard to gaze upon the unfolding beauty of this landscape without being reminded of the one who created all things.

As we prepare for summer guests and gird up to brave the crowds of tourists I hope that the same impulses that brought many of us here originally will become part of our summer mantra, too. I hope that we will find the holiness in this amazing seasonal beauty that characterizes Cape Cod. I challenge us each day to maintain a reverence that centers us in awe. So this is an opportunity to begin to think about how we will open ourselves to the gratitude of seeing God’s handiwork.

> on our garden paths,

> on the water

> when we exercise

> in moments of periodic reflection or contemplation.

Here are some thoughts to guide you as you strive to maintain the holy aspects of each day and lift them up.

Keep reverence for God always before you. Remind yourselves that the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof. Put God at the center of your thoughts when you are sitting on the beach, walking on the golf course or gazing at the sky lit up with fireworks.Strive to live reverently on the earth.

Try to set aside time every day to consider how you would like to respect God by honoring this land we call home.

Rev. Susan

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