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August Sermons: Lessons in the Garden

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

All summer the sermons are focused on the lessons we are learning together from this pandemic. We are looking at the things we can learn as we shelter in our homes. In July the sermon series was about Home. In August the sermons will have a Garden theme. Lessons we are learning from the pandemic line up with the lessons you learn in the garden. 

August 2  

Home: The Vision and the Reality. Luke 4: 14-30

What do we do when home was not a happy place?  How do we reconcile our real experiences or challenge with society’s images of some ideal home life?  How do we navigate all these mixed feelings when we are forced to live in cramped quarters together with our families for extended period of time? Let’s talk about how much we all want a home where we feel safe and loved and how hard it can be to go home when bad memories make it hard to be at peace when we are at home.  Jesus’ experience of going home to Nazareth holds wisdom  us as we navigate our own homecomings.  

August 9 

Gardens Teach Hope - Genesis 2. Garden of Eden    

When you plant seeds you take a leap of faith. We humans are people of hope and whatever we have to face we hold onto hope in good and bad times. The bible story begins with stories of Creation that tell of God’s hope for us. As a species we are born bathed in God’s hope for us and for the future. It’s an important reminder of this core strength in human beings, Hope. 

August 16 

Humility  - Matthew 13:3-9. Parable of the Soil

So much about life and gardens humbles us. Despite our dreams and plans we grow to see that we cannot control the outcomes of so much that we plant in earnest hope. Part of living a good life is being resilient when we are humbles by the changes in life we cannot control. 

August 23 Patience Matthew 13:24-30  Parable of the Weeds

Life is complicated and messy. Blessings are so often bundled up with challenges. We only thrive when we learn to accept it all in one bundle. Jesus teaches us how to find the grace to do that. 

August 30 Generosity  Ruth 2 - Harvest for All

When Ruth became a widow she had to glean in the fields to survive but the Israelites planned for those who had less and made sure that everyone with a field to harvest would take care of those with less.  What does the Bible teach us about how to ensure that all people have a chance to prosper? And how can those lessons shape our lives right now? 

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