Building our Community

On October 20 we will be prepared to welcome new families at both services.

Today would be a good day to invite someone to church for the Invite a Friend Program next week. If you are wondering how it will work or what to expect here is a summary of what we are planning.

If you invite a friend there will be opportunities to introduce your guests to me or your friends throughout the morning.

We will have greeters at the front and back of the sanctuary following worship to explain where to find the Coffee Hour and answer questions.

There will be extra name tags available in several locations so people can remember faces and names more easily and make connections more quickly.

If you are enjoying your class at 10 a.m. and want to include your guests in the Education Hour, we will have room in each of the classes for new people.

You might wonder why we are doing this. We are sponsoring this program to share the wealth of our community of faith. We are inviting others to hear the choir and find the inspiration we find in this place.

We are inviting people for another reason too. Churches that welcome new people are healthy places. Communities that are open to the new life of new faces grow in spirit. Churches where the doors are open are places where the light of God comes in to bring new ideas and new friendships to everyone.

Long ago St. Benedict imagined a community that would train people for faith. His ideas transformed the church in the 6th century in Italy, but he set down some wise guidelines that encouraged people to keep their hearts and minds open to the stranger. Benedict demonstrated that when we are open to the stranger or the new guest we are open to God. Why? Because God often visits us in the face of someone new. Benedict didn’t invent this idea. It is in the Bible in more stories that I can count, but Benedict demonstrated the importance of living in communities whose mission is to be open to new guests.

I hope you take this opportunity to pick up a post card at church this week and send it or hand deliver it to someone you want to invite to join us on October 20th.

Rev. Susan

Pick up an up to date directory for the Church on the Welcome Center this week.

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