Faith in Action

On Wednesday over 30 people gathered for supper in Monbleau Hall. We ate a delicious potluck and then headed into the sanctuary. The Deacons had placed candles on each of the windowsills. People entered and sat toward the front - almost 40 in all. No one sat in their “normal” seats which was slightly dis-orientating for me but also fresh and new.

I believe that many people make Lent harder than it needs to be. They turn it into a time of self-sacrifice. But a modern looks at Lent offers a different perspective. It does not need to be a time when we deny ourselves things so that we feel holier. We don’t need to cast about for ways to become more penitent.

I believe that Lent is serious, but not necessarily somber. It is not so much a time of self-denial as a time of self-discipline. We don’t need to strive to be pious to feel closer to God. What Jesus demonstrated in his life was his unique ability to make God a priority. During Lent we can try to follow in his footsteps by putting God at the center of our lives too.

The trouble with some of the more penitent ways of observing Lent is that they are more about us than about God. They subtly subvert the season by drawing attention to us and all we have given up, when the point of Lent is to search for God. The Bible says that if with all your heart you really seek God, you will find what you are looking for.

As a church we embark on this quest together with Christian pilgrims around the world. We have devotional booklets, bookmarks, and Wednesday evening suppers to support your journey of faith. Our services will be all focused on the Lord’s Prayer and the power of prayer. This week we also light candles to set our intentions for Lent.

Blessings, Rev. Susan


"Lord, all the plans I tried are burned to ash and all the sighs I sighed are burned to ash and all the tears I cried are burned to ash and all the lies I lied are burned to ash; the finished bon-fires of my old disgrace. And then you dig them over in your soil and overturn my will for forty days and some new page turns over in my heart and all my sin turns over in my mind and all my dug-in demons overturn and you dig over all my sad, old soil while forty ash-dry days and nights go by until I have a new earth to begin. Amen"

© Lucy Berry

Sign up on the White Board for Wednesday night supper March 13.

Join us on Wednesday for a Potluck Supper and the first in a series of speakers on the topic, “Faith in Action”. Our speaker this week will be Dr. Madhavi Venkatesan, Professor of Economics at Northeastern University, resident of Brewster and climate change activist . She will be bringing a presentation that will lead us in a discussion about what we can all do on the Cape to make a difference where climate change is concerned.

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