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February Sermon Series: Healing

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

February 7 - John 5:1-8 ”You’ve Got to Want It”

There was a man sitting by the Pool of Bethsaida for 38 years, and yet in all that time he could not seem to get into the water, which was supposed to have curative powers. Jesus came to him and healed him. The story makes you wonder what part motivation plays in healing. No doubt this man had grown discouraged, but how do we find the courage to move on when we find ourselves so close and yet so far from what we need and want?

February 14 - Luke 7:1-10 “Love’s Integrity”

On this Valentine’s Day when we think love is all about romance here is a sermon about a man who loved his servants generously and whose love was selfless. Its a remarkable story and good one for a holiday which can become so sentimental we lose sight of the character in real love.

February 21 -2 Kings 5:1-14 “Are You Getting in the Way?”

In this story Naaman was a great general who contracted leprosy. He was suffering but also full of pride, so much pride that he did not really want to ask for help. In this story about Elisha the foreign general almost missed his healing because he had such disdain for the Israelites. His story raises the question of how our unexamined attitudes get in the way of healing.

February 28 2 Kings 4: 28-37 Are You Ready for the Fallout?”

Healings are complicated and they come at a cost, like all changes in life. This story reveals the complexity of healing. When we’re healed and find new opportunities, our life then expands to new possibilities. That can be both good news and bad news. This intriguing story about a woman and her son raise some timeless issues.

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