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On October 21 we will receive new members into our church. When we receive new members we celebrate that you have found a community of faith where you feel comfortable. You have found a place where you trust your spirit will grow and blossom. We also celebrate all the other places on your spiritual journey, and all the twists and turns in your life path that have brought you to Pilgrim Church. We know that some of you grew up coming to the shore with your family and returning here was a foregone conclusion. Others have lived here for a long time. We know that some of you have lived all over this nation and the world, but you always cherished the sea. We know that for some of you this is an important departure from the past. You may be leaving another faith tradition.

We recognize that your experiences in other places and other churches are part of the treasure your bring, with all kinds of ideas and resources from those faith communities. Some of you maintain a strong connection to another church but now you worship with us, so you have decided to be Associate Members, which is also fine. Whatever path you have traveled, we celebrate your presence here.

When you join our church we think of it like a covenant; an agreement. We all make promises.

Here is what we promise.

Pilgrim Church Promises -

  1. To provide inspiring worship.

  2. To encourage everyone to grow in faith and keep learning.

  3. To create a community that welcomes everyone.

  4. To strive to serve others.

New Members promise:

  1. To commit to worship with us regularly, either in person or online.

  2. To commit to continue to grow as a disciple - to learn more about faith.

  3. To support the church financially.

  4. To commit to serving others.

Church Members promise to receive new people.

When people join the church our congregation promises -

  1. To welcome you wherever you are and wherever you are on life’s journey.

  2. To make permanent space in our lives for new friends and strangers we hope will become friends.

That commitment to welcome one another is vital to a strong church. So as we grow as a congregation we agree to leave a place at the table newcomers.

If you are considering membership in Pilgrim Church please speak to me or contact me ( so we can schedule a time to talk about it.

Rev. Susan

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