Forward to the Fall

Our sign up for fall classes has been going well. But there is still time to sign up for a class that will begin on September 8th. As soon as worship is over go to the Welcome Center to get your first choice.

Remember your choices -

Emerging Christianity - a fascinating look at the changes in the Church - Taught by Doug Wheeler

Wind of the Spirit - Faith Basics course on doubt, faith, hope and God. Taught by Peggy O’Connor

Making a Home for Faith - How to share your faith with your kids and grandkids. Taught by Susan Cartmell

While I was away I spent a week at the Chautauqua Institution on Chautauqua Lake in western New York. Most of the days there are full of worship, musical concerts and lectures. One hot day Peggy and I decided to leave the campus and take a hike in the woods. A friend had recommended that we check out a place where he had hiked and found some pretty waterfalls. We did not know what to expect exactly but he gave us good directions and we were up for an adventure.

We drove to the next town and went off out of the small town through farm lands. Five miles from the village we discovered the road he mentioned and took a turn. We followed it up hill and down until we came to a dirt road. Our friend told us to take the dirt road until we hit the trailhead.

We found several cars parked there but there were two trails and we guessed at the right one. Soon we found the trail going down by a river that splashed over shale making its rocky way along. A hot day, the pathway cooled in under the trees and the sun peaked through the trees in a way that delighted me. After a while we found a place where the trail became steep as it approached the river. We climbed down gingerly and sat on the slate landings dangling our feet in the water, which was cool. After a while we explored the riverbed and walked upstream, meeting several families with kids and dogs, local people who knew about this perfect oasis on a hot day.

They were easy company, and friendly. Kids screaming and splashing, one puppy being introduced to a favorite place, one grandad on a motorcycle who told us about his trips traveling the country since his children moved away. Who could have imagined that this hunch about a hike would prove so full of delightful surprise?

One of the great things about vacation is that we plan to be surprised. We anticipate new things. We try to stay open to them. Not all our travel surprises are delightful; some bring challenges. But some of what you see as you go along depends on your spirit of adventure.

That spirit of openness is always in the air when we begin a new church season. This year is no exception. This year we are on a new adventure - adding some educational opportunities on Sunday mornings and re-configuring our Sunday morning worship schedule. I am hoping that this new schedule will bring some delightful new discoveries, foster some new friendships, and bring positive changes for all of us.

Who knows we may find something new that brings us great joy!

Rev. Susan

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