Gifts of the Pandemic

People of faith are asking faith questions. What do we learn from adversity?   What are the gifts of this time?  What can we see are blessings in our lives, even now? 

This series of sermons will focus on the many gifts of this period in human history. Each week, I will look at another gift I see. 

I hope that this sermon series will encourage you to think in terms of blessings in your life, even now…especially now. 

If all we do is yearn to go back to “normal”, which might not ever be possible after a world-wide experience of social distancing like this, unprecedented in history, if all we do is flip a switch and resume life like nothing happened, then all the lessons of this time, bought at such a cost in human life and economic set back,  all those lessons will be lost on us.    Rev. Susan

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April 26  - Gift of Creation   

There is something truly amazing about the way we are being invited to see nature differently during this pandemic. With so much less noise in the world, we can hear the birds so much more easily. With so much less air pollution we can see the stars at night. With so much less human activity the animals are re-claiming spaces where they were afraid to go before. 

What are the lessons of this moment when we think about the sacredness of creation? Celebrate Earth Day and consider the wonders of this earth.

May 3 - The Gift of Satisfaction

What if we learned to be satisfied?  What if we learned that so many of the things we thought we NEED are things we just WANT?  What if this pandemic taught us to live with less and find a true happiness that God was hoping for us all along.   "What if "      Scripture: Matthew 5  The Sermon on the Mount

May 10 - The Gift of Compassion

There are signs of people helping one another everywhere we look. In the Cape Cod Times today an 87 year old man wanted something from Trader Joe’s but he saw a line as he approached the store. He returned to his car when a perfect stranger asked him what he needed. She went in to the store and bought the thing he wanted and paid for it. She would not take anything for it. 

Something about this experience has been such a leveler. People are finding common bonds and reaching out to help one another in inspiring ways. How does adversity contribute to our compassion? 

May 17 -  The Gift of Time    

For the first time in our lives most of us have oceans of time. This pandemic is giving us so much time that we cannot quite figure out how to fill it. But it is also causing us to question why we think it is so important to be so busy all the time. How did we get to this place where we measure everything in terms of productivity? What does the Bible say about time? 

May 24 - The Gift of Justice   

The Coronavirus pandemic has hit people in poorer neighborhoods much harder than people in affluent ones. There is lots of evidence that in New York City the virus has proved deadly to many more people of color than white people. The death rates in the Black community far outstretch their proportion of the community. We see deadly outbreaks in New Orleans, in Detroit and in Chicago especially among people of color. So the virus is highlighting some of our inequities in terms of healthcare and employment.  It is exposing the way that racial inequality can prove deadly in moments like this. We will look to the Bible to see what the lessons of justice there tell us today. 

May 31 - The Gift of Joy  

This sermon will examine the surprising moments of joy that so many people are finding even now. 

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