God Winks

In Deacons this week as Linda Cacciapouti was completing two years as the leader of the Board,  the other deacons gave her a book. The book was all about God Winks. Now, I had never heard of God Winks. Jody MacLeod explained that these are moments when something happens to you that is an uncanny coincidence. There is no way to explain it or understand it. It does not mean you have a miracle, or a full-on angel siting. But some coincidence lets you know that other forces are at play. It is an unexplainable coincidence that makes you wonder if God has been nearby.  Something you planned just fell into place. Something you prayed about changed remarkably, or changed slightly but just enough. Something you worried about was resolved. Something happened that made you wonder or feel held.  Somehow you realized that the veil that separates us from the eternal things, that veil was very thin and you knew you were close to a mystery.  These are not experiences you can order up like a spiritual menu. These are not things that always come when you ask for them. These are moments that usually take you by surprise. If you are feeling like an expert about faith, you may not see one for a while. But if you are humble and attentive, you may see things around you that you simply cannot explain except as God Winks.  Something happened yesterday that falls into that category. I sent an e-mail to someone about an idea I had for the church. She read my e-mail and then out of the blue a complete stranger approached her asking her help with the very same idea, and wanted to do it on the Cape. I am not sure if it will all happen, or happen the way I imagine, but it seemed like a vote of confidence for this notion, that came from the eternal spaces.   It was one of those coincidences that was so strange and amazing  that my minister friend and I  are both still baffled. But sometimes when you follow your gut, or listen to your sixth sense you are guided by a spiritual force that is almost audible. In moments like this, the trick is really just to pay attention. The trick is to quietly see how things unfold. The trick is to be sure you don’t get in God’s way.  If you want to check it out, the book that the Deacons gave to Linda is When God Winks: How the Power of Coincidence Guides Your Life.  By Squire Rushnell. Have a good journey, this week. May you be blessed with a God Wink or two.  Rev. Susan

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