Happy Easter Pilgrims!

Students from Monomoy journey all over the globe and come back with stories and connections that remind us that this generation is really learning to become world citizens. One of the teachers from Monomoy High School, Liz Hoff, teaches Spanish and led the school’s February student trip to Spain. The group spent over a week touring cities and villages on the Iberian Peninsula. The students and chaperones had homesteads and got acquainted with the people in one particular village. In this village they discovered that Harwich folks many inspiring and unlikely connections, dating back for decades. They discovered this year that the villagers have a long history with several local families.

We have invited these Liz and the students to come to tell their remarkable story of cross-continental friendship and human connection at a potluck supper this coming Wednesday April 24th 5 p.m. - 7 p.m. We hope that you will join us. This is a remarkable story and I think we will be touched, inspired and spiritual nourished.

Some of the best discoveries are not in the newspaper but right around the corner.

Susan’s Column:

When my kids were growing up, inevitable they would ask me a question I often found hard to answer - What is so good about Good Friday. Though I am a minister and tried to explain the story of salvation the truth is that there is so much about Good Friday that is not good at all. It is a day when we remember Roman torture. It is a day when we find ourselves forced to think about all the times when innocent people suffered. They were convicted on rigged or sloppy evidence no one could spare them. It is day when you think about Christ’s unanswered prayers in the Garden and realize that the human part of Jesus was caught in a very hard bargain. No matter how much he believed in his message of love, he suffered for it. Quite honestly, it is the day when I try not to think about how much he suffered.

But it is also a day for being forthright about how many innocent people suffer unjustly and how many pay a high a price for being mis-understood.

The good part of this day is only seen through the lens of Easter. Good Friday is the day when we realize that if God can bring such a world-changing victory out of such a wrong-headed crucifixion, then God has the ability to still bring some new life into the darkest places on earth. If God could work through Jesus’ broken body, then surely God can make miracles in all kinds of places where folks suffer or troubles abound or despair is in the air. God is the one who makes Good Friday “good”. Most days it is way beyond us, to even figure out how to make sense of it. Humbling for sure. But if you are not humbled on Good Friday, then you never will be.

Hope to see you on Easter,

Rev. Susan

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