Heroism & Hope

As I make my calls around the parish I am so encouraged to talk to you. So many of you have such wonderful attitudes about weathering this unusual time. You have shown courage, resilience, common sense and hope. After I hang up the phone I often wonder who the minister is on these calls. Please pat yourselves on the back.  I know this is hard and we are all scared and uncertain at times. But I appreciate you level-headed ability to carry on.

Today, as we continue on this journey, I have some information to share with you as well as some examples of heroism and hope.  

First I want to share a link with you. I have been concerned about the amount of confusing information that is out there. From the highest levels of government, there continue to be confusing messages. Here is a clear interview from the website WIRED.  It is an interview with a wise epidemiologist who has been tracking disease for his whole career. His name is Dr. Larry Brilliant, and I am indebted to Valerie Petersen for finding it for us. 

I believe that clear factual information is our greatest comfort right now. We can practice discipline and accept restrictions if we recognize the purpose of what we are doing. We can adjust even to new changes we never anticipated if we believe we are helping to save lives. All of our public health professionals agree that this is our only path. They could not be advocating for such extreme measure if there was another way.

You may have heard that we should be open for business by Easter. Our President predicted that the churches should be full. I with I could believe this but I don’t. I do firmly believe that there will come a day when we will all be together again, but I think it will be at a later date. 

You will be proud to know that your Deacons had a meeting yesterday using video conferencing, and they discussed Easter services. What they decided was that we will not be skipping Easter this year, just postponing it. They decided that when this is all over and it is safe to return to our sanctuary and be together we will plan to celebrate Easter then. It will be a true celebration whenever it happens because we will be celebrating the fact that the feast of the resurrection is not limited to one day in April. It is an important foundation of our faith. Let’s all look forward to a true Easter Service, with all the trimmings when it is really safe to be together. 

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