Invite a Friend to Pilgrim!

On Sunday, October 20, Pilgrim Church will sponsor a special Sunday when we encourage you and everyone else to invite a friend to join us for worship or Christian Education. Now, I believe Pilgrim Church has organized Sundays like this in the past, but not in a long time.  So I anticipate that you may have questions about how to participate in this special Sunday. I put together some of the questions I have heard and other questions I might imagine you are asking. 

Who’s idea was this?  The Deacons, Trustees and Church Council met this summer in a large meeting to make some plans for the future. One of the ideas that all supported was a Sunday when we can reach out to invite our friends. 

How will it work?   On Sundays in October we will put little invitation postcards in the bulletin and have them around the church. You can pick them up and send them, or drop them by a neighbor’s house. You can send them as they are or add your own note. 

Why should I invite people to Church? Can’t I just leave my friends alone? 

If your friend was hungry and wanted to know where to get good pizza, you’d tell them about George’s. If your friend was sick and needed a referral to a good cardiologist you’d tell them what your experience was. If your friend’s child needed help navigating the schools, you’d share what you had discovered. So if you have found friendship, community or opportunities to serve maybe that’s something they’d appreciate knowing about, too. 

What if they think I’m proselytizing?  Keep the invitation light with no strings attached. It is not your responsibility to bring them, just invite them. If they are seeking a church, then the ball is in their court.

I have lots of friends who don’t have a church home. How will I know who to invite?

Pray about this decision. Ask God to guide your decisions. You might send out a couple of invitations, and like the Parable of the Sower, only some will find a fertile place to grow. 

What if I don’t have anyone to invite for October 20? Can I still show up? 

Of course!  Who knows? You might find a friend two months from now, and bring them to Christmas services. Or maybe your friend shows up another time, when the invitation makes sense to them. If you are shy about inviting someone for a Sunday morning, start by inviting folks to the Pumpkin Patch. In the first three days having the Patch we have sold a lot of pumpkins but we have planted many seeds too. We have had dozens of conversations with people who wanted to know about the Church.You are the best ambassadors for Pilgrim Church. If you like the church and find it feeds you, we will be blessed to have more folks just like you. 

Yours in faith, 

Rev. Susan

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