James Cartmell

Dear Friends,  As we approach Christmas I want to tell you how grateful I am for your support this week. Your heartfelt cards, moving e-mails and spontaneous hugs all really lifted my spirits and held me steady. I have really felt held at a time when I felt pretty shaky. It is a great gift to me that you knew my brother, James and accepted and affirmed him. Much of his life he was seeking that kind of affirmation in various places and settings. Usually when folks got to know him he earned their respect but at other times it was not easy, at all. You gave it freely and openly. That you loved him was a gift to both of us. He told me this summer that you were like a second family to him, a compliment and category I never heard  him give before. So I know you meant a lot to him. 

Peggy and I would like to host a supper for remembering James on Saturday December 28th in Monbleau Hall at 6:00 p.m. Please come if you can. I will provide the lasagna and you are invited to bring whatever you would like. Please sign up with your dish on the white board in the hallway opposite Monbleau. If there are gaps in the menu I’ll fill them.  I hope we can gather to eat, laugh, remember stories and celebrate a life well-lived.  Susan

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