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January Sermons: Grace

Skaket Beach Sunset, December 2020, photograph by Bruce Conley, Orleans, MA

Sunday, January 10th: "The Heavens are Splitting" (Mark 1:4-11)

When Jesus came to the River Jordan to be baptized, he was young and unknown. But something happened that told the people there that day that this young man was special, different from the others. The only words they had to explain it were “The heavens were splitting.” What is it that tells us we have come into God’s presence? What is it that makes us notice the divine in our midst? How do we find God today?

Sunday, January 17th: "Being Known" (John 1:43-51)

When he called his disciples Jesus spoke to them in a way that communicated his ability to listen to what they said and see into their hearts. He had a keen eye for observation and a way of connecting so that people felt his heart almost before they knew what had happened. Does God see you? Does God care enough to know what you want in life? What would it take to really sense God’s presence like that?

Sunday, January 24th: "Choosing God" (Mark 1:21-28)

Grace is not just a glow of good feelings. When we feel grace we decide whether to follow it, or not. We decide whether to cultivate a place in our hearts for grace, or not. But once we’ve seen God’s presence, the ball is in our courts. How do you choose God today? What decisions will draw you closer to God, and what will drive you in the opposite direction?

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