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June Sermons - "Surprise"

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

Surprise is one of the biggest and most over-looked themes in the Bible. From David and Goliath, to the Parting of the Water, to Saul on the road to Damascus, there are surprises everywhere you look. I chose this theme because in the Bible surprises so often change, that while unexpected, are also full of grace. There is purpose in the Biblical surprises even when the people experiencing these changes are not sure they are ready to welcome it. The Bible is full of surprises and many of these stories are full of hope.

Of course, the relevance of this theme for us in this time of transition may be obvious. But I want to preach on this theme because I think it will be instructive and re-assuring for all of us.

Sunday, June 6 - Samuel 16:6-13, "The Underdog"

Rev. Dr. Susan Cartmell

The story of David and Goliath has been a favorite with people of faith for centuries. We have all had times when we had to face giants on the playground or in our families or at work. We identify so easily with David that we have become cheerleaders for underdogs in literature and throughout history. This is more than a children’s story. It is full of life-long lessons and we will unpack them.

Sunday, June 13 - Acts 9:1-30, "Life's 180 Degree Turns"

Rev. Dr. Susan Cartmell

We will look at the story of Saul who had a vision that changed the direction of his life. In this service we will think about the life changes we have all made that have made a difference in our lives. The story will help us to consider how to navigate change in ways that make it positive. Part of the key is inviting God into these transitions as Paul did.

Sunday, June 20 - Jonah 3:6-10, "People May Surprise You"

Rev. Dr. Susan Cartmell

Jonah could not accept that the Nineties had changed. He is justified in his skepticism. Seeing people in a new light is always hard. It is easy to write off people who are difficult because they have disappointed you so many times. By the same token it is hard to see people accurately if you want to believe in them, but they are letting you down. Here is a sermon about how to be honest and open about the people who surprise you.

Sunday, June 27 - John 2:1-12, "Unexpected Bounty"

Rev. Dr. Susan Cartmell

The Bible is full of stories in which people discover to their surprise that though they had been afraid there would not be enough, God was providing them with surprising bounty. Jesus’ stories and his miracles so often bring the re-assurance that things are not as bad as folks think.

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