Today is Friday and the Knitting Group is meeting in the Thrift Store. This group meets faithfully and has become a chapter of the international organization, Knitting4Peace. Their mission is to send knitted hats, scarves and mittens to children and adults all over the world - to poor neighborhoods in the US and to communities in need in Third World Countries. Many of the people who receive these packages are living in such subsistence economies that they need assistance even with basic clothing. So Knitting 4peace is making a huge difference for them. It is the support of church volunteers, primarily, which has filled the gap, lifted their spirits and changed their lives.

The latest project which our own Knitting4peace group has become involved in is creating toys for children. Our group has made knitted dolls which will be shipped to Knitting for Peace, to villages in Africa, or towns in Appalachia where dolls are quite a treasure.

Here is the link for Knitting4Peace - Largely through church knitting groups that meet in churches, they have sent 162,000 colorful dolls to people in need in the United States and 80 countries around the world. Take a look at their website if you want to be inspired.

Many thanks to Deb Larsson for organizing our knitters, leading the weekly group and telling them about Knitting4peace.

Above you will see the pictures of these delightful dolls. Here is Bethany Craig with some dolls she has made.

What I enjoy about Pilgrim Church is the way that so many people are working together to make a difference in the world.


Rev. Susan

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