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March Sermons - "Healing"

This Season of Lent is different from any other Lent in my lifetime. In some ways it has been one continuous Lent since the lent in 2020when we began to shelter and social distance. Our preaching and worship theme for Lent will be Healing. Our services will focus on how we heal as a people and as a nation. What do we need to heal physically, emotionally and spiritually?

Our faith has a lot to teach us about healing and this is a moment when we need to read the healing stories in our Bible and find the lessons there for our lives today.

Sunday, March 7 -Mark 7:24-30 - ”Jesus Heals an Immigrant”

There is a famous story about Jesus healing the daughter of a Greek woman who is an immigrant Israel. When you read this story it is hard to tell who the hero really is - Jesus or the immigrant. The Bible has a lot to tell us about how we treat those on our borders and why it matters.

Sunday, March 14 -Mark 5:21-43 "Chaos & Creation"

In the chaos of the crowd a woman reaches for his robe and something amazing happens to her. In the chaos of the crowd a desperate woman has faith. This story reminds us that the hardest times are also often times of creativity and new life. How is God setting the table for new miracles in the chaos we experience today?

Sunday, March 21 -John 9:1-12 “Man Born Blind”

In this story Christ’s disciples ask him about why people like this man suffer, and Jesus explains the meaning of suffering. We don’t earn it, or bring it on, but suffering is a part of life that has meaning. Here in this pandemic at the end of Lent we will try to hear what Christ is saying to us.

Sunday, March 28 - Mark 14:1-9 ”Palm Sunday”

We all make sacrifices in our lives. Sometimes we wonder what we’ve done, what it cost us, or why we did it. At the end of Christ’s life a woman anoints Jesus with costly oil. She sacrifices the oil for him and Jesus defends her sacrifice. The story asks us to consider what makes a sacrifice worthy.

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