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May Sermons "Finding our Way"

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

Sunday, May 2 - "New Azotus," Acts 8: 26-40.

Rev. Dr. Susan Cartmell

God opens doors of opportunity in unlikely times and places.

Sunday, May 9

Rev. Ed Farrell-Starbuck

On this 6th Sunday of Easter, we will consider Jesus’ repeated commandment: “Love each other as I have loved you.” Gospel love isn’t abstract. It is contextual, expressed in concrete ways which are in accord with God’s commanded intentions for humans to live together in peace and community. Love is incarnational---love with skin on.

Sunday, May 16 - "Where the Rubber Hits the Road" Ephesians 1: 15-23.

Rev. Dr. Susan Cartmell

Service on the Lawn

Praying with Paul for the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Sunday, May 23 - " Mary Poppins, Tinkerbell & the Holy Spirit," Acts 2:1-21.

Rev. Dr. Susan Cartmell

Service on the lawn

On this Pentecost we will be worshipping on the lawn. Wear RED if you can. Our sermon asks -- "Who is the Holy Spirit?" We think in terms of Mary Poppins who flies in and sets things right. Or we imagine Tinkerbell, flitting around. Are these the right images? Are they helpful?

Sunday, May 30 - "Memorial for a Pandemic," - Psalm 17:6-12.

Rev. Dr. Susan Cartmell

Service on the Lawn

We have endured so much loss in the last year and so many of those who died from COVID were serving their country by serving others. This Memorial Day weekend we will celebrate the lives of everyone who has been lost, not just the military but everyone we've lost in these 15 months. Whenever there are such huge losses people ask God, "Why did this happen?" We will read from Psalm 17:6-12 to consider how the people in the Bible dealt with loss.

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