Merry Christmas Pilgrims

Maya Angelou wrote about Christmas in her poem “Amazing Peace”

Her words ring true today.

Into this climate of fear and apprehension, Christmas enter,

streaming lights of Joy, ringing bells of hope

and singing carols of forgiveness high up in the bright air.

the world is encouraged to come away from rancor,

come the way of friendship…

We clap hands and welcome the peace of Christmas,

We beckon this good season to wait awhile with us.

We, Baptist and Buddhist, Methodist and Muslim, say Come… Peace.

Come and fill us and your world with your majesty.

We, the Jew and the Janist, the Catholic and the Confusion,

implore you to stay a while with us,

So we may learn by your shimmering light

How to look beyond complexity and see community.

It is Christmas time, a halting of hate time.

Wherever your travels take you this season, may you know God’s peace.



Trees available:

If you know of someone who needs a Christmas tree, the Masons have give us four trees for anyone in need. Please call the church office or call Rev. Susan directly at 781 635 6104, or just drop by the church and pick up one of the trees in the parking lot next to the pastor’s making place.

I have been invited to speak at the interfaith service on the eve of the new term when Governor Baker will be installed in his second four years.

I spoke at the Inter-faith gathering in Boston 4 years ago when Governor Baker was inaugurated and attended the inauguration. I was invited because the governor grew up in the church where I used to serve as senior minister. His father attends that church and I got to know the family over the years.

Somewhat to my surprise this year they invited me to the event again. It will be an Interfaith Service for the governor and lieutenant governor held at Morning Star Baptist Church in Mattapan (1257 Blue Hill Avenue). The governor’s office has issued 40 tickets for members of Pilgrim Church who might be interested in attending. If you are interested in being there in Boston that day please let me know and I will be sure you have directions to Morning Star Baptist, and also make sure you have a ticket.

This will be an event where lots of ministers speak so I won’t be preaching but giving a short message with greetings from Pilgrim Church. Last time the people on the podium included Liz Walked from a Presbyterian Church in Roxbury, and some of the heavy hitters in the various faith communities, the rabbi from Temple Israel in Brookline, Cardinal O’Malley, and the head of the Massachusetts Council of Churches.

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