It’s rare to see but sometimes people capture the nation’s attention for one skill and prove capable of jumping to widespread fame for their advocacy of a cause that needs attention. Many Americans were riveted by the performances of the US Women’s Soccer Team last week at the World Cup competition. In addition to being outstanding athletes who proved their prowess on the soccer field, these young women won national and world-wide attention for women’s rights in the process. They were able to make goals, work strategically as a team and stay competitive to the end - all while drawing attention to the fact that women will be paid only a portion of what the men soccer players earn for the same accomplishments.

It was quite a feat. These young women were able to stay focused on their sport while advocating for equal pay at the same time. It might have been easy to become distracted by the publicity or the fairness debate, or the inevitable discussions that such truth-telling engenders. Instead they stayed on course - winning the tournament and staying on message without letting either thing distract them from success on all fronts.

For people just getting a taste of this level of notoriety, it was impressive. But they did something else that David Leonhardt noticed in his New York Times column on July 11. These young women were critical of sexism and prejudice against the LGBTQ community but they gave their critique in a way that called Americans to their highest aspirations. So on Wednesday when the team enjoyed a ticker tape parade in New York City they had the crowd completely on their side, screaming “USA… Equal Pay”. Their clear patriotism was never in question, but their ability to raise issues fostered an idealism which was compelling.

On the week after our national birthday party, these young women reminded us of our ideals, and our values. So they became terrific ambassadors.

Keep playing a good game as you strive on the field of life.

Rev. Susan

Tonight there will be a prayer vigil in Harwich Center for children in detention on the southern border. Revs Susan and Peggy will attend as well as a number of people from Izzy’s Homeless Ministry Team. Consider joining at 7:30 to 9:00 on the sidewalk to make a witness. We will have church lights on in Harwich Port at the church building from 7:30 to 9:00 as part of a national movement called Lights for Liberty. People across the nation will be engaged in this peaceful protest and time of prayer.

This coming Sunday we have JAZZ Sunday. It is an annual event with lots of excitement. So join us for worship and stay to hear the Jazz Band on the lawn. It is a great day to bring a friend to church. It’s always fun to share Pilgrim Church with someone you can about, especially on such a great occasion.

This week our History Display will be open Friday & Saturday 10 - 2 and Sunday after worship.

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