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Dear Friends,

If you are looking for a good gift to yourself this holiday consider our trip to England in fall 2019. We will tour some lovely English towns and cathedrals. We will hear great talks about the history of our faith. We will learn about the original pilgrims, the English Separatists who made the journey on the Mayflower 399 years ago. We will meet church folks from a congregation led by a personal friend, and connect with people who live in Harwich, England.

We have a webpage for the trip through Reformation Tours, our travel planning company. To take a look, here is the address:

Check out the site and spend a moment considering whether this trip calls to you. There is a place to register online and make a deposit of $350 on your credit card. If you prefer to send a check you can download the registration form and mail it in to:

Rowena Drinkhouse at Reformation Tours, P. O. Box 854, Belleville, IL 62222.

I have copies of the downloaded registration form at the church outside my office.

The best part of the trip is not just what you see but the deep friendships you make with fellow travelers, and the way that travel always expands your worldview and perspective.

Happy trails,

Rev. Susan

Latest news is that our travel agent at Reformation Tours has been able to get us a very reasonable flight out of Logan direct to Heathrow for $745 per person.

Be sure to take a look if you are interested in the trip or just curious about this opportunity to be part of a modern pilgrimage.

To book your reservation look for the“Book Now” tab (under the images) or click here <> to download the form.”

Here are some of the highlights of the trip proposed by Reformation Tours.

* ¬Visit Boston England where the earliest pilgrims were arrested in 1607, and tour John Cotton’s original church.

* ¬See Lincoln Cathedral and Castle, view the Magna Carta

* ¬Visit Babworth Church where William Brewster and William Bradford came together.

* ¬Visit Scrooby, and the birthplace of John Robinson and John Carver, as well as the spot where the pilgrims began their journey.

* ¬Tour Stratford on Avon and learn about the connections between Puritan history and the plays of William Shakespeare.

* ¬Visit Anne Hathaway’s cottage and Trinity Church.

* ¬Worship at the Reformed Church in Oxford and share Sunday dinner with church members.

* ¬Visit the Mayflower Museum and take a river cruise from Southam

* ¬Stay in historic towns of Colchester, Lincoln, Oxford, Plymouth and Southampton.

* ¬Learn from expert historical guides at every stop.

This trip will be open to church members and friends through December 31. Then in January we will open it to members of other UCC churches. In February it is open to the general public. Please extend an invitation to your friends and family through the holidays.

Continuing our Sermon Series about Dreams for Peace

Dec. 9 Zephaniah 3: 14-20 “Dreams of Justice”

Dec. 16 Christmas Pageant Children’s Choir will sing.

Dec. 23 Micah 5:2-5 “Dreams of a Messiah”

Dec 24 - 4 p.m. Family Service; 8 p.m. Traditional Candlelight Lessons and Carols Service

Dec. 30 Luke 2:41-52 “Jesus at the Temple: Looking to the Future"

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