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September Sermon Series: Wilderness

I hope you will join us this September virtually on our website and Facebook page for our sermon series on Wilderness. Explore the month ahead below.

September 6th, 2020 “Scared” - Exodus 32:1-6  

Life has its scary moments. It is easy to become so terrified that you make decisions you are not proud of. That is human. Here in the Bible is a story of the Hebrew people who god so scared without Moses that they started to worship an idol. It seems strange to us because most of us would never parade around a statue, but we all know how easy it is to be so scared you make bad decisions.

September 13th, 2020

“Tested” - Matthew 4:1-4 The joke is that everyone has been wearing sweat pants and staying up until all hours because it does not matter that much in a pandemic. But our decisions may not matter to others but they matter to us. And living intentionally during a pandemic can be life-giving for you. Jesus faced his own demons in the wilderness. There he felt tempted and tested. In the end his strength of character proved the making of him and the story of Christ’s wilderness experience has a lot to tell us today about how how people find the strength to resist temptations in this pandemic. 

September 20th, 2020

“Lost and Found” - Genesis 21: 17-21

The normal response to a wilderness experience like this one in the pandemic is to feel lost. We don’t have a map for this. Now as it stretches on we are searching for clues.  But the Bible tells us that often the times when we feel most lost are the very times when we discover God is searching for us. 

Hagar and Ishmael found themselves in the wilderness and felt so lost. They feared that they would die and then they had an amazing experience of being touched by an angel, a visitor with a message from God. 

September 27th, 2020

“Saved” - Exodus 2: 1-10 Moses might have been a victim of the times. He might have been sacrificed by the cruel edict of the Pharaoh, but instead he was saved. His salvation is a story of hope and character that has a lot to teach us. Today, we are surrounded by examples of people who are doing extraordinary things for others - things that are saving them and saving all of us. It’s up lifting. 

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