Spiritual New Year

Dear Friends,  This week we stand in the middle between two major holidays- Christmas and New Year's Day. Most people give a great deal of attention to how they will celebrate Christmas but folks don’t prepare in the same way for New Year's. Coming as it does one week after Christmas, many people make plans for New Year's but it does not get as much attention.  Churches are as guilty of this as everyone else. We pour our creative energy into Christmas and the weeks leading up to it, but mostly ignore New Year's. But New Year's is a time to mark a transition, the end of one year and the start of a new chapter. Somehow this New Year's feels especially important coming as it does at the beginning of a new decade.  Most of us begin the New Year with a heightened sense of purpose. We consider our progress on life’s journey and make new goals for the future. Many of these resolutions are barely worth the time we put into them. Filled with the best of intentions, they somehow lack staying power. So our hopes to lose weight or get fit this winter may not carry us much past March.  Most of the gyms will be full in the next few weeks but the impulse to keep these promises to ourselves doesn’t always last.  So, for several years now at Pilgrim Church we have had the custom of setting our spiritual intentions on the Sunday before New Year's Day. We come to worship and write something on a paper ornament and then make a commitment to our goal by bringing the ornament up to place it on a bare tree in front of the baptismal font. It is our way of being prayerful about our intentions for the New Year. It is our way of recognizing that resolutions have the potential to be spiritual covenants. It is also a way of recognizing how much we need one another for support on this journey of faith and life.  I hope you will join us for worship on Sunday. We will be welcoming some new members, and having our spiritual New Year's ritual again. If you are traveling this week I invite you to take a few moments to consider your spiritual goals for 2020 and seal your intentions with a prayer.  Blessings,  Rev. Susan

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