Bag It!

I hope you stay for lunch on Sunday. Following our meal we will have a film called Bag It. It is all about the pervasive use of plastic in our homes, food, It is one of the issue I feel proud Harwich has tackled with our ban on plastic bags in stores. Over the last year consumers and small businesses have all adjusted to the use of paper bags or canvas bags from home. That is a good start and something to be proud of.  There was more good news this week on the ecology front and I thought it was worth sharing. This information came from the Sierra Club. In October an international Panel on Climate Change issues a report saying that we have about 12 years to avoid catastrophic climate change. Global greenhouse gas emissions reached a record high in 2018 and lots of changes are locked into place. But David Roberts of Vox points out that we still have choices, because climate change is part of a spectrum. While things may get worse; in fact they probably will, we should not lose hope. in fact, there are many signs of hope. 

The Divestment Movement has been growing. 1000 colleges and other institutions have divested of stock in fossil fuel companies, a total divestment of $8 trillion from stock portfolios and endowments. The Paris Agreement holds steady. Most countries re-affirmed their commitment to keeping the planet from warming more than 2.7 degrees F. Renewable energy his on the rise. Clean technologies are so cost effective they will replace fossil fuel in 20 years. Five states generate 10% of their energy from solar power. (California, Nevada, Hawaii, Vermont and Massachusetts).  Yeah! Coal plants are closing and will all be gone by 2035. Technology is all over energy issues. Scientists predict new ways to capture CO2 will be profitable in 10 years. Lots of innovations on the horizon include - solar panel cleaning robots, taller wind turbines, solar panels that float and better batteries for storing energy. Nine states in the East, including ours, announced a regional plan for limiting carbon emissions in cars. Seven cities, counties and states filed lawsuits against companies that promote global warming. in November crab fishermen sued fossil fuel corporations for warming the oceans so that fisheries have closed. 21 young people are suing the government for fueling global warming, and climate liability cases are part of a global trend. In Sweden a girl named Greta skipped school to sit outside the Parliament to hold her sign protesting climate change. 15,000 Australian students marched to protest a coal mine. Youth have converged on Congress outside Speaker Pelosi’s office recently to demand that adults take climate change seriously.  We have much work to do, and there is a long way to go. But we don’t have the luxury of giving up hope. Scientists, innovators, children and citizens around the world are taking climate change seriously. As people of faith we are the custodians and caretakers of this water planet we call home. We have been given such a gift and we also have a big responsibility.  Rev. Susan I hope you enjoy the film Bag It. after worship on Sunday.  On a personal note: I will be away next week on a trip to Atlanta, Montgomery and Washington DC.  We are touring African American history and civil rights landmarks. We will be leaving after worship to catch a plane. 

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