As you know our floors in Monbleau Hall were installed in 1956. They were beautifully done but they have begun to crumble beneath our feet. They were no longer safe. The final project in the ARMS Campaign was to replace them in the hall, and hallways on the main floor of the church. After lots of hard work by the Trustees, (Many thanks to Alice Drifmeyer, Bud Dey and Dick Smith) we have found a contractor who is excellent and have begun the project this week. It is really good news and wait til you see the results. Even in the initial stages, the floors are quite lovely.

Monbleau Hall Deidcation, July 1956

How will this affect Sunday?

When you arrive at the church on Sunday morning for services May 5, you will find that the work has started. The flooring company has made great progress this week. They are installing new floors in Monbleau Hall and the hallways near the offices.

How does this affect Worship?

We will have all our services as usual as well as the Annual Meeting on May 5th. All the bathrooms are available. The only change will be that we will not use the handicapped parking outside Monbleau. Please use the parking in the front next toe Reed’s Bookstore or near the Thrift Store. You can easily access the church via the ramp near the Chapel.

What about using the Lift? Can we do that?


The lift is open for business. Please use it if you need it. Then walk through Monbleau HallI to the sanctuary as you usually do. The Hall will be open primarily to those people using the lift.

Will worship be the same?

It will be better than usual. We have Communion and a special service of commissioning. The ONA Committee has a wonderful concept in which we will de-commission them as we recognize that they have completed the work they set out to do. Then we will commission the whole church to continue this important work of welcoming everyone to Pilgrim Church. We believe the new floor is part of increasing our welcome because we plan to smooth out all the thresholds at the doorways to make the building more accessible to folks with limited mobility, for example.

What about the Annual Meeting?

We will hold the Annual Meeting as scheduled after worship at around 11:15 a.m.. You can find a copy of the Annual Report at both entrances to the sanctuary. The meeting will include updates on our building projects, our programs - new and old, and our financial health.

Do I need to attend?

Yes, we need everyone to come, to listen, to ask questions and participate.

What about Coffee Hour?

We would never eliminate that! We will serve the coffee and have snacks available in the Chapel after the service and before the meeting. Enjoy.

The flooring is really very beautiful and I think you will be pleased with the results of all this effort.

Rev. Susan

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