Waves of Faith

David Roth You might be wondering why I have invited David Roth to lead worship on Sunday March 8th. I have known him for thirty years but have not worked with him in over two decades. In one of my churches we decided to start a Coffee House and once a month we brought in musicians and folk singers. David was a favorite of ours and one year I invited him to do a worship service together with me. People really found his music inspiring. The reason I invited him then and again this year is because I have always been so touched and inspired by his song.  He is a storyteller who uses a guitar and wonderful lyrics to talk about his faith in humanity. He has a writers eye for detail and his songs often cast a spotlight on our common humanity. He often lifts up the underdog, and applauds those who have been forgotten. He was among the first people to write songs about the Special Olympics and to humanize folks with Down Syndrome. He has been a trailblazer in singing about issues of justice but he always sings from the heart in a way that captures your imagination.  I think of him as a prophet with a guitar, a poet who sees people who have become invisible and finds heroes in unlikely places. When you hear him sing he so often extols examples of God’s kingdom breaking in. I hope you enjoy our special worship service this Sunday at 11.  Reminder: Sunday is the beginning of Daylight Savings Time, so set your clocks ahead. We won’t have a service at 9 on Sunday.  A Safe Haven We always think of the church as a safe haven. I believe that Pilgrim Church is an important port in the storms of life. We strive to be a place where you can find hope, have your faith questions addressed and find a community that supports your faith journey and offers way to put your faith into action. We believe that important role is a key part of our identity. It is especially important these days  in light of the anxiety about  news of the outbreak of the Coronavirus in several other countries and parts of our own. At Pilgrim Church we support one another with faith and also with practical pastoral care. You will be pleased to hear that the United Church of Christ has taken a leadership role in providing resources to pastors and church leaders this week so we can be better prepared to answer your questions.  Our own Rev. Don Remick, Chair of the Disaster Resource and Response Team has prepared information that is being shared nationally to help churches be smart, resilient and leaders in our communities. Here are some things to keep in mind.The risk of infection with this Coronavirus COVID-19 is very low at present in the United States, but it is prudent to be aware of the illness, which is much like the flu, as public health officials cannot predict the course of this disease.Germs know no race or nationality and anyone can become ill with the virus. Folks who have completed quarantine and are released after a physician checked them out, are safe and no risk to others or themselves.Know the symptoms - fever, cough, and shortness of breath. So far no one on Cape Cod has even qualified to be tested according to the Cape Cod Times today. While there is an on-going debate about whether public health officials should be more pro-active in doing tests, as of Friday March 6th no one on Cape Cod has tested positive.In our church, we have added hand sanitizers to our meeting spaces as a precaution. As a church we will continue to monitor this public health challenge and do everything we can to help you always feel safe at church. Please be in touch with me if you have other questions.  Rev. Susan

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