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First time visitor? Welcome.

If you are new to the Cape, or looking for a new community of faith, we encourage you to explore our website and then give our church a try. 


During this time of social distancing we are currently holding traditional Sunday worship services at 10:00 a.m. in our beautiful sanctuary again, with full chancel and bell choirs, and communion on the first Sunday of the month.  Services are broadcast via YouTube, on our Facebook page, Instagram, or on our website. They go live at 2:00 p.m. each Sunday, with past service videos available at any time. 


Many people grew up with a fixed idea of faith and church.  We look at the Bible with an eye toward modern questions. We try to shed new light on the timeless stories of faith. This is not your same old church and we do not do religion the same way it has always been done. 


We preserve the traditions that make sense but we also have a very modern feel to our messages. For one thing we welcome everyone, without exception. And we encourage you to bring your children!

Please be aware that while we are still in a pandemic, in order to protect our community, face masks will be required for everyone entering the church buildings.

What will my first visit be like?   

Everyone is a little nervous when they scope out a new church, but we don’t want you to feel worried about coming to Pilgrim Church. We want you to know as much as you can before you arrive so your visit will be less stressful. 


What do I wear?  Do I have to dress up? 

People wear what is comfortable and there is a great variety of styles. Some folks do dressy casual. Others do simply casual. Some folks wear a jacket and slacks. But there is so much variety on Sundays at worship that you don’t need to worry. 

The important thing is that you feel comfortable. 

What if my children are loud or squirmy? 

We hope you bring your family and we understand that kids squirm. Sometimes they have questions and that is all good. We love the sound of kids’ voices. It makes us smile.

Happy Children
PCC_Photos (1).png

Do they collect money at the services?

There is an offering at our worship services but no one expects you to contribute the first time you attend. Before we take the offering one of our church members talks about what Pilgrim Church means to them. These statements are all personal and often very touching. Maybe something they say will resonate with you!

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