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Adult Education

Book Discussion 
Learning to Walk in the Dark

Reverend Barbara Brown Taylor is a well known preacher and writer whose books on spirituality are both beautifully written and down to earth. For Lent, a season like Advent that plays with images of light and dark, we will read Learning to Walk in the Dark. This book explores seasons, caves, nocturnal wildlife, and even the darkness of the womb.


Here is a passage from her book which might help you see what she’s about:

“Darkness” is shorthand for anything that scares me – either because I am sure that I do not have the resources to survive it or because I do not want to find out. If I had my way, I would eliminate everything from chronic back pain to the fear of the devil from my life and the lives of those I love. At least I think I would. The problem is this: when, despite all my best efforts, the lights have gone off in my world, plunging me into the kind of darkness that turns my knees to water, I have not died. The monsters have not dragged me out of bed and taken me back to their lair. Instead, I have learned things in the dark that I could never have learned in the light, things that have saved my life over and over again, so that there is really only one logical conclusion. I need darkness as much as I need light.


An important book for times of transition, and for this coming out of pandemic time. Get a copy and read it, and then let Pastor Helen know which time to discuss you prefer, either Sunday, March 27th after church (in person) or Tuesday, March 29th at 4 pm via Zoom. We can arrange other times if these particular times don’t work for people.

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Online Bible Study

Doug Wheeler is leading a Bible Study group that is open to all. It meets Tuesdays at 9AM via ZOOM. . The format is group discussion and is open to everyone. Sign up by contacting Doug at

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Women's Fellowship

On 19 April 1995, members from the church's Dorcas Society and the Pilgrim Service League voted to unite into one organization, Pilgrim Women's Fellowship.

The purpose of the organization is to unite the women of the parish and community in a program of fellowship, worship, education and service and to support the programs of Pilgrim Congregational Church as it serves the cause of Christ in the community and throughout the world.

Regular meetings are held the 3rd Wednesday of each month from September through May. There is a light lunch, a short business meeting and a program, which might be entertaining, inspirational or educational. 

Through fund raising efforts the Pilgrim Women's Fellowship is able to support many benevolences.

Missions + Service Work

A large portion of donor pledges goes to provide financial support for outreach programs In Harwich Port and beyond. Just a few examples are The Cape Cod Needy Fund,  Cape Abilities, Harwich Council on Aging, Faith Neighborhood Kitchen, Habitat for Humanity, Doctors without Borders, Roof Repair Help for Navajo Church, and UNICEF.

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